Besides the products RF-Embedded also offers complete solutions.

RFMI - RFID Machine Interface

The RFID based RFID Machine Interface offers a low cost radio interface, which can be used for bidirectional communication and can be deployed worldwide without any need of certification. By using RFID for this interface the basic identification can be performed with a worldwide valid standard.


RFID installations often get very expensive because of the software integration. The simple and low cost solution to immediately start a RFID installation and to connect to an existing system is the combination of a reader (e.g. the PUR-DesktopQ-100U or the PUR-Dongle-100U) and the Smart Reader App.
With the smart concept the Smart Reader App can forward a scanned tag ID to any program via keyboard emulation or call intelligent web services via an URL call.

RFID Expert

RFID installations in the UHF frequency range revolutionize the control of production and logistic processes, but sometimes bring along technical challenges. With the helping tools of the Engineering Mode you can become a RFID expert and measure your RFID installation live. The so won insights can be used to adopt or optimize the installation.