RFMI - RFID Machine Interface

Communication interfaces to machines are steadily getting more important but often create problems for the developers in the sections of costs, ruggedness and adoptions to housing.

With the RFID based solution from RF-Embedded, all these problems are solved. The RFID Machine Interface offers a low cost radio interface that can be used for bidirectional communication and offers the possibility for offline and online communication. Based on RFID the interface can immediately be deployed worldwide without any need of certification.

Beside this communication interface the RFID machine interface offers all advantages of a classic RFID solution like identification using a worldwide standard. With this identification process the whole life cycle beginning at the production until the end of a product can completely be traced. A product and copy protection can also be implemented with this technology.

RF-Embedded is your capable partner at all development steps.

RFMI Process
Consulting at project kick off with
  • Actual state analysis
  • Requirement analysis
  • Concept creation
Design & simulation of appropriate tag designs according
  • Read range requirement
  • Installation space requirement
  • Use case requirement
Selection of appropriate reader for
  • Bulk detection
  • Single detection
Customer specific HW & SW adoptions possible!
Selection of appropriate software solutions
  • Stand alone solutions
  • Customer specific development
  • Connector to external systems (ERP, MES,..)

Technical Implementation

The RFID machine interface is built on the basis of an extended RFID tag chip, such as the NXP UCODE I²C. This is connected via I²C with the microcontroller and is optimized for use on printed circuit boards. Thus, a direct connection can be established from the host to the microcontroller via the RFID interface.

RFMI Simple

Use-Case - EEPROM

The RFID tag can be used for its properties as a pure EEPROM which can be written to and read from both sides. Thus, the implementation of an offline diagnostic or device configuration is very simple.

Use-Case - Transfer

In addition to the EEPROM the tag also offers a RAM memory which can be used for direct "live" transfer between reader and microcontroller. To simplify the sometimes complex synchronization method RF Embedded provides the PUR-Bridge, which controlls the entire data transfer and only provides a UART interface to the microcontroller.
RFMI with PUR Bridge

With help of the PUR-Bridge diagnostics interface to transmit live data to the host can be created without the need for large software adaptation.
The PUR-Bridge can be used to transfer large amounts of data to the microcontroller using RAM and EEPROM and such to allow firmware updates.

RFID Hardware

RF-Embedded offers the right RFID hardware for every application. 
However, if a custom adjustment is necessary, so that's no problem.